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June 20, Thursday
11 am - 1 pm

El Segundo, CA

Join us for a magical journey of deep breathing, deep releasing, and deeply connecting.  Life can become very stressful however; if you take care of yourself first all begin to flow with ease and grace.  You are greater than you know when you connect to your truth anything is possible. 


First, you will be going on a guided breathing experience, using the breath as a portal to go deep within yourself to explore the deepest aspect of Self, Spirit, and Universe.  Then you simply surrender to surges of pure holographic sound enveloping the body mind and spirit, using Tibetan & Crystal Healing Bowls, Wind Chimes, a multitude of Gongs, including Venus the Gong of Love the vibrational frequency of Wonderful YOU. 

Soundbath with GuruMitar

We will be using the power of community, sound, and breath to go beyond the physical body…into the vast ocean of awareness cracking open all that has been frozen allowing you to emerge into your greatness.

* Healing of emotional or physical pains

* Stress relief and deep relaxation 

* Getting more clarity on your path in life 

* Profound sense of inter-connection

* Expanded feelings of compassion and love

* Intense experiences of the body and energy release

* Heart-opening and transcendent experience

Sound healing has been around since the beginning of record history the only thing new is science is now able to record the  benefits


Today much research is being released showing sound as medicine.  Check out this amazing TED talk on the Power of Sound Healing

Sound healing has been clinically shown to support people suffering from stress-related disorders and chronic pains as well as patients undergoing cancer treatment,



What is a Breathwork Soundbath?

It is a sacred healing journey; it is like a very deep and lasting massage tuning the body and soul to its greatest possible resonance. Like adjusting a piano, your body can be tuned to achieve optimal physical balance. Within a breathing sound journey, you allow the breath and vibrational sound to bring the body back to its full potential.   

What can people expect during your Breathwork Soundbath?

First, we will use the breath; the breath is a powerful healing tool. When you want to hold down and repress your feeling and emotions, you do so instinctively by holding your breath. The opposite is also true; if you consciously breathe you can allow deeply-held feelings and emotions to free themselves. Then, you simply allow the sacred sound to heal every cell within the body.

What was your first introduction to sound baths and how did you get started? 

My first experience with a sound bath was in a Kundalini yoga class back in 2004.  My teacher was an expert in sound therapy; he would always bathe us in a sound bath at the end of each class. There was one particular evening when he was playing Venus the Gong of Love, that I felt like I had an out of body experience; it was as if I merged with the gong and was traveling beyond my physical body. After the session, I felt amazingly full of life and energy.  After that experience I wanted to share the experience with others, so I purchased my own Gong of Love. 

What kind of sounds do you create, what instruments do you use, and what are the healing aspects of the sounds, if any?

Scientifically, the sounds relax our nervous system and activate right brain activity (the creative, intuitive side). Our left brain (the logical side) relaxes, resulting in less mind chatter. During our waking state, the normal frequency of our brain waves is that of Beta; during the sound bath the brain-waves move into the deeper Alpha and Theta brain wave frequencies where profoundly deep healing can occur.


GuruMitar, Drum Follow the beat of your heart

Today I use many sacred instruments, from ocean drums to gongs, Tibetan & Quartz Crystal healing singing bowls, winds chimes, tuning forks, tingsha meditation bells. 

Everything in our universe is vibrating, is in motion, and has a rhythm. There are three fundamental rhythms that each of us experiences: the personal rhythm of the human body, the larger social rhythm of the family, tribe or nation, and the enveloping cosmic rhythms of the planets and the universe. 


The drum is used to shift your state of consciousness so you are able to journey deep within.  

Venus Gong - Gong of Love Soundbath

The sound of the gong is the sound of the universe and by listening to it you are tuning into the sounds of the cosmos. The gong has many unpredictable sounds that help the brain move smoothly from an active brain wave to deeper states of relaxation (Theta or Delta).   The gong is most known for its ability to clear subconscious thought patterns, memories, behaviors, addictions and all of the "junk" that is constantly playing in our head. 

Tibetan singing bowls are considered a symbol of “the unknowable,” and their vibrations have been described as the “sound of the universe manifesting.”  The pure sonic waves that ring from the bowls are said to have the ability to awaken every cell within the body.  

Sound travels about four times faster through water than it does through air. Since our bodies are about 70 percent water, sound is a great choice for healing.   Watch this amazing video Gong Vibrations effects on water.

"THE EXPERIMENT" - Sontantar Playing Gong

The first part of the video is the Natural Version keep watching as the second part of the video is enhanced with fractal kaleidoscopic effects allowing you to see what is happening to the water. As you watch the video you will notice each strike creates a mandala Wow 

GuruMitar Soundbath Quartz Crystal sing bowls

I also play quartz crystal singing bowls the tones produced by crystal bowls are not just heard by the ear, you feel them in your body, with certain tones affect the cell, organs and energy centers (chakras) in different ways.


Quartz has the ability to transform, store, and amplify energy and is used in a variety of common items today including watches and computers. The human body is crystalline in nature and the sound of the bowls has a powerful healing effect on all of our bodily systems. 



" this breathwork has become a vital building block on my progression towards balance of the physical and spiritual realms. " - Brandon



Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Sound Healing
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BreathWork Soundbath Chakra Balancing Healing

BreathWork Soundbath Chakra Balancing Healing

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Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls - Soundbath with Guru Mitar

Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls - Soundbath with Guru Mitar

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Crystal Bowls Sound Healing Therapy

Crystal Bowls Sound Healing Therapy

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