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Opening Mantra
Protection Mantra
Postivity Mantra
Closing Prayer
Healing Mantra
Overcome Adversity Sa Re Sa Sa

MAN = mind TRA = waves 

Mantras are formulas that alter the patterns of the mind and the chemistry of the brain.  

Chanting mantras, either silently or out loud, is a conscious method of controlling and directing the mind.   When chanting Kundalini Yoga mantras, we stimulate the 84 meridian points on the roof of the mouth. By stimulating these pressure points on the upper palate in a particular sequence, we increase the secretion of the hypothalamus gland and bring about a change in the combination of our brain cells.  You are literally affect the chemistry of the brain, its as though we have a computerized system in our mouth – punch in the right code to that upper palate and you gain entry into your brain and the inner chambers of your higher consciousness!  Keep adding new mantras to your tool box for those moments when you feel like you are going crazy, change your mind with mantra.  I'm still working on this page, keep coming back to learn more.

Opening Mantra
Ong Namo
Snatam Kaur - Live in Concert

Protection Mantra

Aad Guray Nameh


Closing Prayer 

Long Time Sun

Grace - Snatam Kaur

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