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Healing Journey




The world needs your prayer.


Extending healing to your younger self, to yourself as you are now, to your parents, to all your family and friends, to all in need worldwide, and mother earth.  

Heal yourself, heal others, heal the Planet
We are more powerful together.
Join us!

May 7 - June 15

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"Vibrate the Cosmos
The Cosmos shall clear the path."

The 5th Aquarian Sutra

Join us on a transformative 40-day journey of healing with the powerful Ra Ma Da Sa healing meditation. The power of this Mantra comes from its ability to connect Earth and Ether.  These eight basic sounds tap into the energies of the Sun, Moon, Earth, and the Infinite Spirit to bring deep healing. It is also a deep affirmation of the merger of the self and the Infinite.


Whether you want to improve your physical health, release emotional baggage, or deepen your spiritual connection, the Ra Ma Da Sa healing mantra can help you heal deeply and unlock your full potential.

As we come together in this practice, we will heal ourselves and send our healing prayers and blessings out to all in need.


It is through our collective intention and love that we can create a ripple effect of healing and positivity that radiates out to the world.