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Elephant Hills Camp Night-sky-with-Milky-Way
Offering Alms to Monks_edited
Alms Offering
Wat Suan Dok 1
Wat Suan Dok 3
doi-suthep Golden beauty
doi-suthep-temple beautiful climb to the top
Maya Bay
Monkeys Excited to Play
Play with the Monkey's
Clear Waters
Island Hopping
Sunset walk along Santhiya
Santhiya Ocean View Tub
Elephant Hills Camp Rainforest-camps-view-from-the-sky
Elephant Hills Camp Rainforest-Camp expereince nature
Elephant Hills Camp Feeding time
Elephant Hills Camp Mud time
Elephant Hills Camp Fun Time
Wash time
Elephant Hills Camp Wow time
Elephant Hills Camp Rainforest-Camp-Wake up to breath taking views
Elephant Hills Camp Wildlife-and-Nature-in-Khao-Sok-22-705x470
Elephant Hills Camp Rainfort Camp


The    Land Of    Smiles




Vietnam is my home land, Thailand is my Heart Land.  You are invited to join us on a yoga journey into the heart of you.  Be transformed, evoke and explore the most empowered version of yourself while traveling and experiencing the striking scenery, rich culture, and ancient traditions of Southeast Asia.

This is not your typical yoga retreat, on this journey we’ll explore mountain life, island life and remote jungle life.  We’ll learn from the Buddhist monks, professional chefs, local hillside tea plucker's, native Thai Dancers, regional Thai boxers.  You’ll go jungle trekking, escape to remote islands, go kayaking or paddle boarding through emerald waters, you’ll experience living on a floating camp amid dramatic landscapes, along with living deep in the forest with stunning stargazing views.  You'll go to a elephant sanctuary, where you will learn all about the life of Thai elephants.  You will get a change to interact with them, prepare food for them, feed them, wash and clean them, basically you will get to love them. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with a very limited time frame to enroll.  Because we are traveling to remote areas with limited housing options ENROLLING EARLY IS A MOST.  (Note only 20 glam tents available at the floating camp)

March  9 - 18, 2019 CHIANG MAI - KOH YAO YAI
$2,600* Land Price Per Person Double Occupancy 10 Days / 9 Nights



$3,200* Land Price Per Person Double Occupancy 12 Days / 11 Nights

We all desire an extraordinary life, but it is the very few who actually take an initiative to catalyze profound experiences. It is the rare individual who is willing to break up the monotony of everyday life, you have an opportunity now!



A Yoga Journey to the Heart of You

Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa, Chiang Mai
Siripanna Pool
Siripanna Silent Walking Mediation through rice field
Siripanna Rice Fields
Siripanna Offering-alms-to-monks
Siripanna Deluxe Lanna Double room
Siripanna Deluxe Lanna King Room
Siripanna Bathroom_edited
Chiang Mai Night Bazaar
Day 1/ March 09 (Saturday) Arrival Chiang Mai (D)

Arrive in Chiang Mai, our journey begins in the majestic northern city of Chiang Mai, the most beautiful city in all of Thailand.  People flock to her from around the world to experience the history, customs and culture.  She fascinates all who enter her gates, you will be enchanted by the mountain landscapes, your eyes will sparkle as you see the golden temples that protect her, and heart will open as you are welcomed with the radiant smiles of the land.  We meet our guide and transfer to hotel check‑in.
If you are not traveling with us, then for hotel transfer in Chiang Mai, you want to arrive at the same time, otherwise you will have an additional fee for hotel transfer. 
Our home away from home Siripanna Resort, located in the middle of a natural habitat, which will
enchant you through all it has to offer during your stay.  Enjoy Bodhi Meditation Court, Rice Field Meditation walkway, lush garden ponds, it features an outdoor pool, fitness facilities, open-aired lobby and spa.  Siripanna Resort offers beautiful spacious Thai-style interiors rooms set in landscaped grounds including a private balcony with garden view and 42-inch flat-screen TV. Attached bathrooms have a separate shower and bathtub.
4:00 - 5:30 pm Restore Balance Yoga Session - A day of travel can be both exciting and exhausting. Join us as we twist and move right back into you.
Tonight, you have welcome dinner at local authentic Thai restaurant.
Wua Lai Road Saturday Market 4:30 - 10 pm - Go at your leisure. This weekly market hosts the city’s silversmiths and jewelers. You can also browse bags, belts, candles, clothing, perfume, housewares, and ornaments. Handcrafts are a highlight, including wood carvings and aluminum sculptures. Street performers entertain, and food stalls feed the crowds. At dusk, the market glows with lights and lanterns. With vendor umbrellas in vivid colors, the market resembles a rainbow.
Wat Suan Dok 1
Doi-Suthep 309 Step to top
doi-suthep Golden beauty
doi-suthep golden Buddha
Handicraft Village
"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going"
Day 2/ March 10 (Sunday) Chiang Mai – City Temples, Handicraft Village & Doi Suthep (B,L)
Awaken Kundalini Yoga Discipline to Devotion
Note: A strict dress code must be followed while on the temple grounds, no shorts no bare skin is to be shown, this is merely a sign of respect to the Buddhist religion. You will also be required to take off your shoes upon entering the temples, bring socks if you don't want to go barefoot. 

Today we explore around Chiang Mai City, visit Wat Suan Dok, this temple offer a service whereby monks will chat with us and explain their Buddhist beliefs daily customs and traditions. Late lunch will be served at local restaurant. After lunch, we visit the area of Thailand’s famous Handicrafts on Sankampaeng road village. You can discuss specific handicrafts of your interest such as silk, teak wood, silver, umbrella and sa paper making etc., with our guide. Our tour ends at the most famous temple in Chiang Mai, located at the top of Doi Suthep Mountain. Once you have reached the top of the temple, you can enjoy the best views of Chiang Mai city, from 3,000 ft above the ground. Learn about the legend of the White Elephant the history of this temple and how it came to be constructed so high up the mountain.  Return to hotel late afternoon.
(Note: climbing 309 stone steps of the intricately carved mystical Naga Serpent Staircase)
Sunday the famous Ratchadamnoen Road Market is open it has become one of the most visited places in Thailand. The street is flanked by stalls set up by vendors of handicrafts. Many stalls are run by the craftsmen themselves and the objects displayed are unique and diverse. Decorative objects made of wood, coconut shells, ceramics, fabric and paper are popular with the locals and tourists to take home as souvenirs. The grounds of the many temples that line Ratchadamnoen Road become food courts on Sunday evenings and visitors can enjoy local Thai culinary delights freshly made at the stalls. Some culinary favorites are the Som Tam or green papaya salad and Khao Soi, a soup that is a specialty in Northern Thailand. There is also plenty of entertainment with street musicians, Thai dancers, living statues and puppeteers performing throughout the night.
Offering Alms to Monks_edited
Siripanna Offering-alms-to-monks
Thai Massage
Thai Cooking
Secret of Thai Cuisine
Pad Thai
Araksa Tea
Araksa-Tea-Garden-Sensory immersion
"The more we give to others the better people we become"

Offering Alms to Monks - Everyone morning Monks go out for alms at dawn around 5 am to 7 am, usually around the streets by a Thai monastery.  “Tak Bat” means giving alms to monks. It’s a way for Thai people to give back by offering food to Buddhist monks who help teach others to be good and virtuous. It’s not charity in the Western sense. Thai people see it as a virtue. Giving alms to monks is about showing goodness to others and doing good deeds.  You will see the monks walking in a straight line, one behind the other with the most senior monk ahead, and always barefoot. With their barefeet connected to the ground it is the Buddhist way of keeping close to nature and earth, since wearing shoes disconnects ourselves from our impact on nature. I highly recommend doing this offering at least once during our time in Thailand. This offering must come from your heart, therefore is not included in pricing of retreat.  If you are interested in doing this offering, please let us know when you enroll for the Thailand retreat.
Day 3/ March 11 (Monday) Chiang Mai – Unlock the Secret of Thai Cuisine with Professional Chef (B,L)

Morning Rise & Shine Kundalini Yoga - To Give is to Receive 
Today you learn the secret of authentic Thai cuisine with professional Chef. Using the freshest ingredients, step by step to prepares and combine ingredients to create exceptional dishes. Each student prepare 6 dishes included desert. After a demonstration by one of the Chef in the classroom, you will be able to cook your own Thai food under supervision of the Chef. Enjoy your meal at the relaxing dining area is located next to organic herb garden, and beautiful panoramic view. Return to hotel. The rest of the day is free on your own activities.

Day 4/ March 12 (Tuesday) Chiang Mai - Tea Plantation (B)
Morning Rise & Shine Kundalini Yoga - Awaken your Senses
Ever since 2737 B.C., when Chinese legend says leaves from an overhanging Camellia sinensis plant fell into Emperor Shennong's cup of boiling water, tea has been recognized by cultures around the world for its capacity to soothe, restore and refresh.  Click here to read 33 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea
Today we will experience a sensory immersion while learning the Art of Tea at the beautiful lush Araksa Tea Plantation.  Slow Down, Unplug and Immerse your senses in Nature.  Picture it now: It’s a beautiful spring day you are walking through evergreen hills among lust fields of tea trees surrounded by nature, the aroma of tea and earth are all around you, you feel the warm breeze sweep across your face as you listen to the rustling leaves and the singing birds all while identify and plucking leaves of tea that are ready for harvesting.   You bring your bamboo basket in filled with an impeccable blend of tea leaves to the roasting station where you learn the art of processing tea by hand from kneading to roasting. When the roasting is done, you enjoy a perfect cup of iced or hot tea with a delicious Thai snack. As we drive back to our hotel you notice you feel different, you feel more connected, you feel calm? You just experience medicine in the air.  On our trip we will further discuss the research and benefits of getting back to common senses. 
Day 5/ March 13 (Wednesday) Chiang Mai - Free Day - Explore the unknown (B)
 Start your day with a Special 2 hrs Workshop & Kundalini Yoga Exploring the Wisdom of the Unknown 
We have given you a taste of the beauty in Chiang Mai now it is time for you to further explore the land.  
"Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else"
Welcome to Santhiya
Island Hopping
Maya Bay
Monkeys Excited to Play
Play with the Monkey's
Clear Waters
Sunset walk along Santhiya
santhiya Main swimming pool with waterfall
Santhiya Breakfast on the Beach
santhiya-your bathtub the perfect sunset view
Santhiya Ocean View Tub
"Be Grateful, Slow Down, Enjoy Life..."
Day 6/ March 14 (Thursday) Chiang Mai – Phuket - Koh Yao Yai (B)
Morning Rise & Shine Kundalini Yoga - Prepare for Take Off 
After landing on Phuket Island, we will be whisked away to Ao Po Grand Marina Lounge where we start our getaway by speed boat through picturesque scenery coupled with the fresh sea air making our way to Koh Yao Yai Island, it is one of the last remaining unspoiled islands in Thailand, an incredible place to see this country in it’s purest, rawest state.  A true paradise of spectacular beaches, amazing sunsets, rubber and coconut plantations.  The island is in the Andaman Sea, halfway between Puhuket and Krabi Island.  
Our home away from home Santhiya Koh Yao Yai an Eco-Luxury 5 star Beach Front Tropical Paradise.  
Complimentary Activities to enjoy during your stay:
Kayaking or Paddle Boarding is a great exercise and a must for experiencing the emerald waters surrounding the resort, grab a buddy and enjoy the nearby islands.
Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) has a long history in Thailand; it’s an ancient martial art and arguably one of the kingdom’s most striking national icons. Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort & Spa has friendly, qualified and experienced personnel ready to teach you different techniques and combinations. Click to see schedule
Day 7/ March 15 (Friday) Koh Yao Yai - Island Hopping - Phi Phi Don - Phi Phi Leh Maya Bay (B, L)
Afternoon Full Immersion Island Kundalini Yoga 
Phi Phi Don (Nuy Bay) for snorkeling, then Phi Phi Leh and Maya Bay, the most famous beach on Phi Phi. You have lunch at Losama Bay on the beach. After lunch, we continue heading to Pileh Bay and cruising to view the Viking Cave. 
On the way back, we stop at a small island for a yoga session. 

Day 8/ March 16 (Saturday) Koh Yao Yai -  Explore with Open Heart (B)
Rise & Shine Kundalini Yoga - Open Heart - Open Mind
Today, you learn Thai Classical dance, which dates back more than 500 years, to when the area of present-day Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos was ruled by various kingdoms, one of the most notable being the Kingdom of Siam. With little tradition of spoken theatre, dance was the main dramatic art form in the whole area. Classical dancers were coveted members of the royal courts and treated with prestige. Their costumes were extravagant and unbelievably expensive. Performances interpreted the folk stories and religious epics of that era, mainly the Thai version of the Indian Ramayana.
Afternoon Free Funday!
Day 9/ March 17 (Sunday) Koh Yao Yai -  Get Lost (B) "Not all those who wander are lost" J.R.R. Tolkien
Special 2 hrs Kundalini & Breathwork - Being "ok" in the Dark
Today you must get lost!!! Explore, wander, and leave your comfort zone...
Day 10/ March 18 (Monday) Koh Yao Yai -  Phuket - Departure (B)
Join a yoga session at the resort. Check out by noon. Take a speedboat back to Phuket pier and transfer to the airport for your departure flight. Have a safe trip! 
Notes: Those who join the Khao Sok Extention program should take speed boat 08:00 am from Santhiya to Ao Po Grand Marina. Elephant Hills Camp staff will pick-­up us up at Ao Po Grand Marnia approximately 8:30-­9:00 am.
Elephant Hills Camp Fun Time
Elephant Hills Camp Rainforest-Camp expereince nature
Elephant Hills Camp Rainforest-camps-view-from-the-sky
Elephant Hills Camp Feeding time
Elephant Hills Camp Mud time
Elephant Hills Camp Wildlife-and-Nature-in-Khao-Sok-29-705x470
Elephant Hills Camp Wildlife-and-Nature-in-Khao-Sok-22-705x470
Elephant Hills Camp The-Elephant-Camp-Swimming Pool
Elephant Hills Camp Soak up the Sun Time
Elephant Hills Camp The-Elephant-Camp-Living in RainForest
Elephant Hills Camp Rainfort Camp
Elephant Hills Camp Rainforest-Camp-Wake up to breath taking views
Elephant-Camp-Glem Tenting
Elephant Hills Camp Milky-Way-at-Elephant-Hills-your night view
Elephant Hills Camp Life
Elephant Hills Camp Kayaking-to-spot-wildlife-705x470
Elephant Hills Camp Family Love
Elephant Hills Camp Wow time
Wash time
"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. 
And if you can't help them at least don't hurt them"
Day 10/ March 18 (Monday) Koh Yao – Phuket – Khao Sok (B,L,D)
The Amazing Elephant Experience – Overnight Elephant Hills Camp
After Breakfast we transfer by speed boat to Phuket, Ao Po Grand Marina where we will transfer to our home away from home Elephant Hills Camp in Khao Sok (note: joint transfer) our staff will welcome you. Buffet lunch will be served with a variety of delicious Thai dishes. 
After lunch you can relax during a jungle river canoe trip down the Sok River. The canoes are very stable and
safe; life jackets are provided as well as a local river guide to paddle the canoe. Drift along the jungle river
passing limestone mountains and cliffs covered with exotic tropical vegetation. Sometimes hornbill birds can
be seen flying high overhead or reptiles basking in the sun on the riverbanks. From the canoe you can
experience some of the last areas of primary rainforest, a world that has changed little in thousands of years.
Get off the canoe and head over to the elephant sanctuary. Here you can see, touch and learn about the life of Thai elephants and about the Elephant Hills elephant conservation project. Your guide will also teach you
about the mahout, the elephant caretaker. While participating in our amazing Elephant Experience you will
get very close to and even get your hands on these magnificent animals. You will have the chance to interact
with them and learn the secrets of their mahouts. You will prepare and feed them one of their daily meals,
including their dietary supplements that help with their digestion and their overall well-being, then watch
them bathe before you scrub and wash them clean. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to really experience the Asian elephant, the continent’s largest land animal!
After all this activity close to nature it is time for a hot shower in the unique bathroom of your luxury safari
tent. Relax and enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding jungle covered mountains – this is 100% real
Optional evening entertainment includes a movie presentation, a traditional Thai dance performance from
local school children and a cooking demonstration, where you learn how to properly prepare Thai specialties.
At 8:00 pm it is time for dinner in this unique location beside the rainforest, where the sounds and the
atmosphere will make this a memorable meal.

Spend the night in your luxury safari tent with a comfortable bed, reading lights, and hot water. The tents’
doors and windows are covered with mosquito netting as well as canvas flaps, so insects and reptiles will not
bother you. Temperatures at night drop a little, and the tents are well ventilated; blankets keep you warm in
the chill of the night. This is real luxury so close to the heart of the rainforest!
Day 11/ March 19 (Tuesday) Khao Sok (B, L, D)
Spectacular Cheow Lan Lake – Overnight Rainforest Camp 
Good morning! Wake up to the sounds of nature and birds calling from the bushes next to the tent. By the time the sun comes up and the mist clears over the rainforest covered mountains to the south of Elephant
Hills, the territorial morning calls of gibbons echo down the valley. Tea and coffee making facilities are
available in your tent for early risers; breakfast is at your leisure.
Today you will explore Cheow Lan Lake by local long tail boat. Cruise across emerald waters passing the
towering rainforest covered Limestone Mountains to the “Guilin” of Southern Thailand. The Cheow Lan 
Lake is a little known wonder of southern Thailand and features a first class habitat for wild elephants, the
rare Asian ox, hornbills and hundreds of other tropical birds, various monkey species, amphibians, reptiles
and even tigers and leopards. This combined with a myriad of other species hidden in the rainforest covered hills makes it one of the most unique and important areas of rainforest in South East Asia. Take your time to marvel at the majestic mountains rising sheer out of the water and experience nature at its best! 
Lunch will be served on the floating luxury camp. Head to the Floating Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp, situated in the heart of the national park, where our staff will check you in to your luxury tent with private en-suite bathrooms, solar and wind powered electricity and hot and cold-water showers. Find all the conveniences of a modern hotel room inside, combined with solid beds, tea and coffee making facilities and totally unspoiled nature right at your door step. Sit back and enjoy the surrounding views of Cheow Lan‑Lake while enjoying a fabulous buffet lunch of Thai dishes which are prepared directly on the property.
By now well invigorated, you will come face to face with the jungle by exploring it on foot. It is not an army
survival exercise, even though the trail is quite steep at times and can be slippery when wet – please talk to
your guide if you are feeling unsure about the trek. But remember: There are no prizes for the fastest; snakes
and spiders do not jump out at you. This is simply an excellent opportunity to explore the ecology of one of
the world’s oldest rainforests, to see a great variety of exotic plants, tropical hardwood trees with huge roots,
orchids, palms, ferns, bamboos, mosses… the variety is huge. 
Birds such as the hornbill live high up above, gibbons can often be heard calling to their mates, a macaque or
a leaf monkey may be swinging through the branches, beautiful butterflies buzz around, every day is
different, but it is always truly wonderful to discover the great variety of life forms which co-exist here.
Take this advice: Walk slowly. Look, learn and listen. Then you too will start to discover some of the rainforest’s secrets. Back at the camp, watch the sun set behind the towering limestone mountains from the deckchair in front of your tent after a refreshing dip in the water and the inevitable shower. Dinner will be served shortly, and then it is only you and the intriguing sounds of nature under a starlit sky…No fairy-tale will ever be that fabulous.
Day 12/ March 20 (Wednesday) Khao Sok – Phuket Departure (B, L)
Wake up to the sounds of Gibbons calling high up in the trees, while the clearing mist unveils the true beauty
of the lake. Don’t think twice: As the jungle starts to stir, you could already be out there exploring prehistoric
beauty in your canoe! Or do you wish to submerge into the glassy surface of the lake first? Whatever you
choose, by tomorrow you will already regret the things you have not done…

Lunch will be served at the floating tented camp. Then it is time to return to the pier and transfer to Phuket.
The real joy, though this inner feeling of complete happiness will not be transferred away. It stays with you,
right there, right in your heart. What remains is the memory. Untouched. Untroubled. Unrivaled.

Transfer by speed boat back to Phuket, have a safe trip home!
(Note: If you are not flying with us please arrange your departure flight from Phuket after 6:30 pm
Please kindly note that all mentioned activities depend on local conditions and may be subject to change)
Included / Excluded
Register Now

We all desire an extraordinary life, but it is the very few who actually take an initiative to catalyze profound experiences. It is the rare individual who is willing to break up the monotony of everyday life, you have an opportunity now!



March  9 - 18, 2019 CHIANG MAI - KOH YAO YAI
$2,600* Land Price Per Person Double Occupancy 10 Days / 9 Nights 


$3,200* Land Price Per Person Double Occupancy 12 Days / 11 Nights


  • Deeply Soulful Yoga, Meditation and Chanting

  • Special Workshops 

  • Guided sightseeing tours as indicated

  • Local English-speaking guide in each city

  • All boat fees and sightseeing tours including admission fees

  • Complimentary bottled drinking water during day tour

  • Government tax and service charges

  • Meals as indicated (excluding drinks)
    (B-Breakfast L-Lunch D-Dinner)

  • Selected deluxe accommodation - upgrades available
    Accommodations based on Double share rooms

  • Private air-conditioned transportation as per program
    Note: Airport transfer you want arrive & leave at the same time as group, otherwise you will have an additional fee for hotel transfer.


Day 1/ March 09 (Sat) Arrival Chaing Mai (D)
Day 2/ March 10 (Sun) Chaing Mai (B,L,D)
Day 3/ March 11 (Mon) Chaing Mai (B,L)
Day 4/ March 12 (Tue) Chiang Mai (B)
Day 5/ March 13 (Wed) (B)
Day 6/ March 14 (Thu) Chiang Mai - Phuket - Kok Yao Yai  (B)
Day 7/ March 15 (Fri Koh Yao Yai (B)
Day 8/ March 16 (Sat) Koh Yao Yai  (B, L)
Day 9/ March 17 (Sun) Koh Yao Yai (B)
Day 10/ March 18 (Mon) Koh Yao Yai - Phuket-Departure (B)

Extension Option
Day 10/ March 18 (Mon) Phuket - Khao Sok (L, D)
Day 11/ March 20 (Tue) Khao Sok (B, L, D)
Day 12/ March 21 (Wed) Khao Sok - Phuket - Departure (B, L)


  • 5 nights Chiang Mai: Siripanna Chiang Mai / Deluxe Lanna room

  • 4 night Koh Yao Yai: Santhiya Koh Yao Yai / Deluxe Sea View/ King Bed & Day Bed

Extension Option:​​

  • 2 nights Khao Sok Elephant Camp / 1 Hill Camp / 1 Rainforest Camp 


  • Airfare International & Domestic 

  • Travel insurance

  • Airline luggage fees

  • Tips and gratuities

  • Personal expenses 

  • All Drinks 

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Read Full Terms & Conditions

$600 deposit holds your spot - Non-refundable under any circumstances.

Remaining balance due by December 7, 2018
To receive early bird pricing discount - Payment in FULL must be received by December 7, 2018

Creditcard payment add 3% processing fee


Cancellation Policy: In the event of cancellation, your entire payment will be refunded less the $600 deposit if the cancellation is made before December 7, 2018. Payments are non-refundable and non-refundable after this date. We highly recommend travel insurance.

Travel Dates
Airfare Information
Can we assistance with Airline ticket?
If you are planning to fly us, we can assist with airline ticket, and we recommend it.  This way you will be updated along the way.  

Please take a photo and email 4gurumitar@gmail. com and we will send over current pricing.  
Current estimate: note pricing is changing daily. 

International Airfares: Economy class $905 & Deluxe Economy $1,440.00 Taxes included  (Los Angeles/Chian Mai - Phuket/Los Angeles)

Domestic Airfares: $195.00 pp (Chiang Mai/Phuket)

Above airfares are current estimates.  Actual airfare will be advised at the time of the booking & determined at the time of ticketing. 

Leaving LAX - Eva Air

  • Thu 07 March 11:30 PM - 06:05 AM Los Angeles - Taipei BR 015 

  • Sat 09 March 07:15 AM - 10:30 AM Taipei - Chiang Mai BR 257

Returning Thai Airways & Eva Air

  • Wed 20 March 08:35 PM - 10:00 PM Phuket - Bangkok TG 222 

  • Thu 21 March 02:15 AM - 06:50 AM Bangkok - Taipei BR 206

  • Thu 21 March 10:20 AM - 06:50 AM Taipei - Los Angeles BR 006 

How do I book my domestic airfare?
As a part of your journey you will get to experience both the beauty of the North as well as the South. In order to visit both parts of the country, there will be a one way domestic flight associated with this itinerary in the middle of the week. The cost will be approximately $195 (exact prices vary until booked). It is best if we book this flight for you, this way we can keep everyone on the same flight.  Please contact Kay for booking airline 

What if I want my own room? If you prefer to have your own private room, a single supplement will apply $944.00 (Mar 9-18).  For extension option to Elephant Hills add additional $499.00 (Mar 9-20) For both $1443.00.

What if I don't know anyone going on the Retreat? 
You will be surrounded by a phenomenal group of like-minded people. A close knit, welcoming community will quickly develop and last beyond our time together!  If you are traveling alone, but prefer to share your room, we will do our best to match you with another traveler of the same gender. If for some reason, we are not able to match a roommate for you, a single supplement will apply additional $944.00 (Mar 9-18) Extension option to Elephant Hills additional $499.00 (Mar 9-20) For both $1443.00. Which is due Dec. 7, 2018 If we match you with a roommate after the final payment has been made, then we will happily refund the “single surcharge” to you. We make no promise or guarantee that we can match you with a roommate (for the double occupancy rate) on any given trip. 
What are the passport and visa requirements? 
Passports and Visas:  for Americans. U.S. citizens carrying a tourist passport and in possession of an onward or return airline ticket do not require a visa to enter Thailand. The passport must have at least six months validity remaining to be allowed entry.
Do I need travel insurance? 
Travel Insurance: We highly recommend purchasing insurance to protect YOU and your travel INVESTMENT.
If you get sick or injured while traveling abroad, most domestic health insurance plans, including Medicare, likely won’t extend coverage overseas.  Also All payments are non-refundable & non-transferable. The purchase of travel insurance is strongly recommended to ensure you are covered should any unexpected event arise. Should you elect to not purchase travel insurance, you will be assuming 100% of any costs incurred for trip cancellation or trip interruption. Please make sure you have a policy purchased before departure and, ideally, once you book. There are many travel insurance company to choose from If you would like to purchase travel insurance with us Please contact Kay for a quote. 

Travel Documents:
Travel documents are sent by priority mail approximately 21 days prior to departure, provided full payment has been receive Bookings made within 60 days of travel may require an addition of expedited handling fees. You will be advised of any at time of booking.

It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of all documents, including names and dates. This information should be confirmed at time of reservation. By confirming the payment, this indicates that all information is accurate and agreed on by all parties.

Are any inoculations required? 

No shots are required at this time.  Of course we recommend that you be up to date on all of your vaccinations.  Any specific inoculation or health questions should be directed to your personal physician.

Note from Guru Mitar - I get the question all the time should I get Get shots...Don't get shots...Should I take Malaria Pills..  or not?  This is not a question I can answer for you, as it is a very personal choice decided between you and your doctor.  I can say no shots are required at this time to travel into Thailand, however some would recommend the usual routine vaccines.  We will NOT be going to any "countryside" areas. 

Will there be wifi? 

Absolutely.  All of our lux locations will have wifi available.  However at The Elephant Camp, they do offer free WiFi in the common area. At Rainforest Camp as it is so remote, there is NO internet and not even phone signal out there – finally you can switch off your phone without feeling guilty and enjoy pure nature at its very.

What will the weather be like? 

March conditions are at their very best with dry, bright weather expected along the entire length of the county.  However Mother Nature will do whatever Mother Nature wants to do, so be open!!! As this trip is a moveable from the north to the south, so is the weather.  In northern Thailand you can expect a cooler temperature then South Thailand, therefore brings layering options. Also note Thailand is Tropical which can mean humidity which us Cali are not use to.  

How many people are expected on this retreat? 

Attendance varies from trip to trip, but 12 to 18 attendees is a general average. Please note maximum for this retreat 18.

Are gratuities included?
No, gratuities are not included in the price of your program. Through out the week you will have guides who will be assisting you on each of your excursions. We recommend $5-$10/person per day for guides and drivers.

Are meals included?

Breakfast is included in the cost of your program. Some days we do have special lunch and dinners included, please review daily schedule. There are many wonderful and affordable off-site restaurants where you can dine. You can plan for lunches & dinners to cost approximately $5 - $35/person depending where you chose to dine. If you are doing the extension option all meals are included during extension.

What if I've never done Kundalini Yoga?

All Levels Yoga are welcome. No previous experience is necessary. This is event is perfect for both the beginner, as well as the seasoned Kundalini yogi. If you practice from another school of yoga, we encourage you to come. You will take away gems that will benefit you in ways that go well beyond any one style of practice.

Do I need to bring my own mat?

On this adventure, yes, you will need to bring your own mat, and any additional props you may need.  You do not need an expensive yoga mat for this journey, we recommend you purchase a cheap one, that you could leave behind if you wanted.  

What else do I need to bring?

You will receive a packing list 30 days prior to departure.


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