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Clearing the Clutter with Meditation

Halloween is an optimal time to release the ghosts and goblins of the mind. Most of the time, our minds are preoccupied with past incidents; this dwelling causes our minds to be congested and scattered. Clear thinking is lost in this pollution of “mindchatter.” Buddhists like to call this state of mind, the “monkey mind,” as it refers to a mind that is unsettled, restless, confused, and uncontrollable. Have you ever allowed your trash at home to sit for too long? What happens? The trash begins to spoil and a disgusting smell fills the house unless you empty the trash bin. The old thoughts are like the trash waiting to be taken out. If you do not clear them, they begin to fill your mind with

Breathing Right Calm Mind Healthy Body

Did you know breathing is the only function of the body that is both involuntary (controlled by the autonomic nervous system) and voluntary (controlled by the voluntary nervous system). Because of this unique combination, controlling your breathe is the key to controlling the automatic nervous system and therefore controlling the mind. Because breathing is something we often do involuntary we tend to take it for granted and do not really understand the power of our breath. If there is one technique you should learn, it is how to control your breath because the pace of your breathing is closely linked to your state of mind. By learning different voluntary breathing techniques you can learn to

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