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Illuminating a Path of Progress

We are fast-approaching the halfway mark of the year, also known as Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year which falls on June 21. Summer Solstice has been celebrated around the world for centuries and many ancient sacred sites were built to align with this day: the Great Pyramids in Egypt perfectly frame the sun on the solstice, Stonehenge in England gives rise to sun from the Heel Stone, the Temple of Sun at Machu Picchu in Peru aligns with the sun in a way that illuminates a large ceremonial stone—only once a year. Ancient cultures that built these sacred sites respected the summer solstice alignment. It would be best to follow their wisdom and use the day as an opportunity to re-

RX: Take a Vacation

Vacation season is upon us. However, surveys show that the average American no longer takes a long vacation. If one is lucky, they might take the now-popular micro vacation which is at most two or three days off. Are you guilty of this? When is the last time you took a long vacation—a true vacation with no communication whatsoever with the office with no emails, text messages or phone calls—that lasted more than five days? If you are struggling to answer this question then you may truly need time off as you may be in danger of being a “workaholic.” Workaholism is as much of an addiction as smoking or binge drinking. We currently live in a world where our laptops and smartphones follow us

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