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The Science of Mantra

Mantra, defined as “a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation” seems like a simple concept, but the science of how and why it works is hard to pin down. A mantra is not comprised or words alone, but is something that needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated. There is still much to be discovered about the science of speech and the brain, but as modern neuroscience advances more connections are made about the relationship of the words you speak and your state of mind. So how does it all work? Every thought or feeling you have is a vibrational frequency that you can use for mental and spiritual growth. However, for most of us, the frequency we vibrate is negativity, an

What is in a Name?

We can all agree your name influences your sense of self to some degree. For example, it can signify your gender or ancestral lineage. But I believe that a name has a greater impact than many of us realize. Nominative determinism is a theory that a person’s name can have a significant role in his or her character development and life choices, such as selecting a career path. The term was coined in 1994 when editors of New Scientist noticed instances of scientists who gravitated toward research areas that had some relation to their last names. The editors cited two studies: the first titled, “The Polar Regions and the Future of the Planet,” by Daniel Snowman and, the second, “London under Lon

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